Discount groups and factor groups

Discount groups and factor groups can be used to give a certain discount to customers. In this article we will explain how you can use and edit discount groups and factor groups.

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Discount groups
Use discount groups to give customers discounts on different equipment groups. Example: give customer A 10% discount on rigging and 20% discount on audio.

Add or edit discount groups
Configuration > Discount groups
: click on '+add' to add a new discount group or double click on an existing discount group to view/edit the group. A discount group consists in the configuration only of a name.

Connect equipment items to discount groups
Open a rental item in the equipment module and select one of the discount groups at the discount group field.

In this GIF you can see how this works:

Give contacts discounts on discount groups
Open a contact in the contact module and open the 'payment' tab. Here you can enter discounts for the different discount groups.

Example: add the discount groups rigging and audio. In the equipment module connect all rigging items to the rigging discount group en connect all audio items to the audio discount group. Contact A is given 10% discount on all rigging and 20% discount on all audio. Plan a rigging item in a project with contact A as client, the rigging item will automatically get a 10% discount.

Factor groups
If you do not have a single factor group for your whole account you can add several factor groups. Every rental item in your warehouse can be connected to one of these factor groups. The factor for this item is automatically used in a project when a item is planned.

A factor is used to multiply the daily rental price with a factor depending on the number of days the item is rented out. Example: rent out items for one day and the factor will be one, rent out items for two days and the factor might be 1.7 instead of two.

Add or edit factor groups
Configuration > factor groups: click on 'add' to add a new factor group or double click on an existing factor group to view/edit the group. When you have opened a factor group click on 'add' to add a new line.

Each line contains the following information:
From: this is the lowest number of days of the period.
Till: this is the highest number of days of the period.
Factor: this is the factor that fits the number of days of the period.

Example: if you like to account a factor of 6 for the 15 to 21 days you fill the line as follows: from 15 till 21 days, factor: 6.


Set factor group for items
Open a rental item in the equipment module and select next to the factor group field the factor group you like to connect to the item. When you plan this item in a project the factor is calculated automatically on the connected factor group and the number of days.

Factor groups
It is possible to add multiple factor groups. You can link every item in your database to a factor group, the factor will be automatically calculated when you are planning a project. 

You use a factor to calculate a discount when you rent an item for a longer period of time. When you rent an item for one day you will obviously pay for one day, but when you rent an item for two days you could let the customer pay for 1.7 days. In this case the factor is 1.7 for two days (the price for 1 day will be multiplied by 1.7). 



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