Set up QR codes, barcodes and RFID codes

Available for: Lite Classic Pro

QR codes, barcodes and RFID codes are used for scanning equipment items or serial numbers in Rentman. Scanning allows you to quickly and easily track the location and status of an item or serial number. You can also quickly scan items that must be repaired, and check if you forgot to pack any items for a project. In this article, we explain how to set up QR codes, barcodes and RFID codes.

In this article:
> Difference between items and serial numbers
> What codes should I use?
> Generate and print QR codes
> Connect equipment codes to Rentman
> Order preprinted sticker sheets
> Supported scanners

Difference between items and serial numbers

An item is a type of equipment with a defined quantity, and it contains multiple serial numbers

For example: Customers can hire your item Martin Atomix 3000 DMX strobe light. When you have five of these strobe lights, you have five serial numbers. Each of these five strobe lights has a unique serial number.

What codes should I use?

All three types are supported by Rentman. Since they all represent a code, it doesn't matter what code you use. However, Rentman only allows you to generate, download and print QR codes. 

We prefer QR codes, because they can be printed in smaller formats (starting from 7mm * 7mm) than barcodes. This makes it easier to use them on small items, such as microphones. You can always use barcodes and RFID codes, but they have to be generated outside of Rentman.

Generate and print QR codes

Option 1: Use pre-printed sheets of QR codes.

  • Order QR codes from Rentman.
  • Order QR codes from a QR code manufacturer/printer.

Option 2: Generate QR codes in Rentman, and print them yourself

  1. In the Equipment module, select Select.png all items that you want to generate QR codes for.
  2. Click on the More actions button ... and choose Equipment tag.
  3. Click on Generate and download the file. You can print them with label printing software, or simply on standard paper.

Connect equipment codes to Rentman

If there already are QR codes, barcodes or RFID codes on your items or serial numbers, you can connect them to Rentman so that you can scan them.

  1. In the Equipment module, open the item.
  2. Navigate to the tab QR codes.
  3. Fill in the number of the code manually or scan the desired QR code, if you are already working with a scanner.

Order preprinted sticker sheets

We sell preprinted sticker sheets with QR codes that have a special industrial coating. This makes them nonsensitive to water and lighting. These QR codes have a high ECC-level, which means that the code also works if 30% of it has been damaged.

We sell the sticker sheets in the following sizes:

10mm * 12mm, €35 per 442 units


20mm * 23,6mm, €55 per 504 units


The stickers can be ordered by emailing us at with the order, quantity, size and address. 

Supported scanners

Rentman basically supports all types of USB-scanners that act as an alternative keyboard. The output of the scanner is recognized by the system, which eliminates the need for additional software. We have used Motorola/Symbol scanners. Keep in mind that scanners with a screen cannot work with Rentman at the moment.

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