View the equipment availability

You can see and edit the equipment availability in the equipment section. In this article we will explain how you can see the equipment availability and how you can use it in Rentman. 

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Shortages in projects

In Rentman you can see the availability of all your equipment, you can see this in the equipment section and in the equipment section in a specific project. In both places you can find a timeline that show the equipment availability of the selected equipment. In a project equipment will appear red in the timeline when there is a shortage.

Rentman looks at the planning period of the equipment group where an item is planned to calculate the equipment availability. 

In the equipment section and in the equipment section in a project you can see a timeline. You can open the timeline by clicking on the  button. 

Selecting a period of time
The time shown for a project in the timeline is the entire rental period of the project. In the equipment section a period time can be selected by clicking on 'Period' in the timeline. It is also possible to zoom in the timeline by clicking on the magnifying glasses. 


If the period of time is larger than what is shown it is possible to sroll trough the dates horizontally or trough the items vertically.  

The timeline shows a color and a number which explain the availability of an item. The number shows the amount of items that you have in stock. The colors mean the following:
Green: one or more items in stock.
Orange: zero items in stock.
Red: less than one item in stock. 

When you move the mouse over the colors it will a window will pop up with more details about your equipment availability. 

Unfolding sets
By clicking the check in front of an item you can unfold sets in single items and see the projects the items are planned on. This way you can directly see where shortages in sets come from. ?

Shortages in projects
Planned equipment will appear red as soon as a shortage appears in the time that they are planned. Open the timeline to see where the shortages come from. 


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