Items, cases, kits and accessories

Available for: Lite Classic Pro


Equipment items can be several things: for example a stage part, audio, light and so on. You can add your own materials and you can add the equipment you hire from fellow businesses. Your equipment can be structured in folders. Accessories

We distinguish between three types of materials: an item, a fixed case (flight case) and a kit:


This is a single equipment as for example a speaker or a lamp. You can add your own serial number to each item. We call the physical materials ‘individual items’.

Case (flight case) 

A fixed case might be a box with multiple mounted amplifiers. These items cannot be rented separately, but only as a fixed case. By adding items to a fixed case the individual items will be removed from stock, to not be rented individually anymore.

Displaying the content of cases on your documents

When creating a case you can choose if you want to display its contents on your documents (packing slips, quotes, invoices). Under the 'Content' tab of your case you can set the default display settings. These settings can be overruled by the 'Expand cases' field when generating a packing slip, invoice or quote.


A kit can be a complete DJ set including a turntable, speakers, lighting and so on. The difference is that the items of this kit could also be rented separately.

Example: You have 10 kits, which individually contain one certain CD player. However, when you only have two of these CD players left in your stock you cannot use the other eight kits. If you have both CD players rented individually no full kit will be available.

Tip: Create kits for items you rent in combination with each other very often to make your planning easier. Also equipment that have adjusted prices when implemented in combination can be added for an easier and quicker planning.

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