Activating your Rentman account

If you want to continue working with Rentman after your free trial period ends, you need to activate your account. In this article, we explain how to do this.

In this article:
> How do I activate my Rentman account?
> Delete or keep your trial data
> Frequently asked questions

How do I activate my Rentman account?

1. Click on your usernameSelect_account_name.png in the top right corner, and click on activate.png Activate Rentman 4G from the foldout menu.
2. Check and fill in your invoice information, and click Next step Next_step.png.

The VAT number field should include your company's identification number for value added tax purposes (this can also be a GST number). If you do not have a VAT number, please check Check.png the box below the input field.

3. Choose your preferred license. Your license choice determines what features are available for your company in Rentman. View the features of our different licenses here.
4. Specify your desired amount of additional power users and extra disk space. You may still increase or decrease the number of additional power users at any moment after your activation. For more information, read our article about power users

If you have tested a higher license of Rentman than the one you are activating, it may be necessary to perform a number of required actions before proceeding. Read our article about downgrading your license for more information.

5. Once you have performed all required actions, you can click Next step Next_step.png.
6. Check or fill in your payment information, and click Next step Next_step.png.
7. Read and agree to the terms and conditions, and click Activate Activate.png.
8. If you have unsaved data, save Save.png it first. Otherwise, this data will be lost.


Refresh the page to reload Rentman and complete the activation.


Your activation is successful after you have completed above steps and will be effective immediately. You can continue working right away. Thank you very much for activating your Rentman account. 

Delete or keep your trial data

After you've activated your license, you have two options regarding your trial database: 


When you choose Keep current data, your trial database will remain unchanged.

When you choose Empty trial database

  • You will keep your configuration settings, including:

Financial settings

  • All database items will be deleted, including:
Notes and tasks

Warning: Emptying your trial database is irreversible. We can not retrieve your data after you choose the option to empty your database. 

Frequently asked questions

When will I receive my first invoice?
You will normally receive the first invoice the day after activation, depending on the type of license, the number of power users, and payment period you selected.

Can I change my type of licence after activation?
Yes, you can change your type of license at any time you want. Read our article about upgrading and downgrading your license for more information.

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