Omitted and planned functions

This article contains a list of features in Rentman 3 that are not (yet) available in Rentman 4G.


  • Extra discount layer for equipment group *
  • Extra factor layer for equipment group *
  • Import CSV file into equipment group
  • Margin price for temporary item
  • Go to warehouse view directly from project
  • Location time
  • Sortable list of tasks/files/notes
  • Linking default information to project types (this is done by project templates in Rentman 4G)
  • Payroll allowance
  • Additional options when duplicating (duplicating a project is possible, extended options are in many cases unnecessary because of project templates)
  • Agenda combining both functions and projects * (these agenda's are split up for technical reasons).


  • Search for appointments

Calendar sync

  • Stream of projects
  • Planned crew *


  • Exclude/include projects in option
  • Showing availability for sales items based on current stock.
  • Functionality to create a combination invoice for multiple projects. (in Dutch: verzamelfactuur)
  • Add more items to existing subhire.


  • List of equipment that are currently rented out
  • Export serials
  • History
  • Show inventory overview (Dutch: inventaris) with book value and new price of items and serial numbers.


  • Export contact persons from general contact overview

 Time registration

  • Separate clock in screen
  • Printoverview of worked hours (only available as CSV export)


  • Limit a packing slip for certain equipment groups
  • Choose your own position/font-size for page numbering


  • Scanning

* Features are deprecated and will not return

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